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Hi! Have you ever been to the local comic and gaming shop in downtown Winfield, KS? Well, what are you waiting for? Game on!
after Friday Night Magic
at Midnight Sat. March 1 and 
Sat. March 1, at 7:30pm
Preorder a Warhammer Battleforce and receive up to $15 OFF your order. Battleforce's are between $100 to $125. If you preorder the appropriate Codex with your Battleforce receive the Codex at cost and a Dice Cube at cost. If you order over $200 or more receive a Citadel Paint products at cost.Call or come in and check out the preorder form for more details!
Warhammer 40,000, the tabletop battlegame of the far future, allows you to wage war with armies of Citadel miniatures across miniature battlefields in the ultimate contest of strategy and skill. Each player is a commander who must choose his finest warriors, decide upon cunning battle plans and strategies and lead his army to victory or death. Games can vary in size from small skirmishes of just a few dozen models per side, to massive clashes with hundreds of miniatures.